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New to St. George, UT in April, 2020. Award Winning Parent Company. Top Level Teams. Local and Nationwide Moving. Affordable Rates. We Specialize in Full House Moves and Luxury Homes.

"Thank you!! They are very happy. Everything arrived in great condition!! Thank you" -- R. Campbell, Ivins, UT to Park City, UT

"I was very pleased with the service we received for our move. The gentlemen arrived on time, wrapped all furniture that wasn't cushioned, moved them out and into rooms quickly and always asked where to place things. They were courteous and had great attitudes, even at the end of a 12 hour move!! Five stars!!" - Kerry Botke, Lake Arrowhead, CA to St. George, Ut
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We had a great crew, clean cut, super fast. They unloaded 4 trailers into house then helped me put my furniture together. What an awesome crew! I will use them again when I move my shop no worries good crew."
- Gordon B., Veyo, UT to Veyo, UT
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I had a great experience with St. George Pro Movers. They took excellent care of my furniture, glass especially; price was absolutely unbeatable; moving staff was extremely friendly, clean, and professional-- all around a very good experience." - L.M.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"You guys did a great job. You were fast, affordable, and took really good care of my items. I would definitely use you again. The workers were really nice. 5 stars for sure."
- Tisha M., St. George, UT to Benjamin, Ut
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"They did a good job moving a couple of heavy items for me and they communicated really well and they were on time." - K. DeMille
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"First of all, I would like to thank your lead mover, Josh, this guy is absolutely the best, hard working, honest, friendly and professional guy in the business. Two trucks and five workers were on time at 7am and work continuously until the job was done. They wrapped all the furniture and fragile items with moving blankets and did everything in one trip both trucks loaded to capacity. All the furniture and accessories were delivered unbroken and no damage at all. What a great Bunch of guys. I would recommend St George Pro Movers to everyone in Washington County. Thanks to all involved." - Roy Beers, St. George, UT
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wish my sister had called you. She recently moved from CA to NV and they quoted her around $3K but then somehow found a reason to DOUBLE the price. They already had her stuff and couldn't cancel. Glad to know there are decent moving companies like you." -- C. Gee

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St George To Phoenix, AZ Moving Services

St George Pro Movers Five Star Moving Service

Moving from one location to another is stressful and can be highly overwhelming. Add to that a long distance move from one state to the next. St. George Pro Movers is the experienced and quality moving company to provide the much needed moving services you need. We specialize in determining the size of truck and team best suited to complete your move, efficiently and carefully.

We pride ourselves on ensuring each of our clients, local and long distance, receive the five star service we are known for.

The Movement from St George to Phoenix or Phoenix to St George

Movement is good. Whether it is a promotion or a lesson, a desire or a need—to move and be moved can be an incredible experience. It can also be a challenge, especially when you are leaving a city like St. George where you have memories of some of the most exciting times of your life! The softness and comfort of the red cliff sunsets and the trails that opened your soul to new beginnings and fond gatherings with friends and family is hard to let go of. If you are moving to Phoenix, St. George Pro Movers can help with your transition. They have a five-star rating with exceptional service, competitive price packages, and friendly movers that treat your items with the utmost care so that everything arrives safely and securely at your new home. St. George Pro Movers will move you to greatness. Schedule your appointment now for a free estimate!

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Phoenix - A Sprawling Hub of Sun and Scenery

A hub city with a nice balance of intense energy in a relaxing environment, Phoenix spreads itself wide with stunning rods of light that cover a wide range of possibilities. The beautiful landscapes, the cultural and educational experiences, the shopping opportunities, the stimulating art galleries, the numerous golf courses—the list continues as far as you want to go. And when the sun sets in Phoenix, there is nothing more breathtaking than to see that fire of light sink into the crests of the Phoenix Mountain range.
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The Mystery in Phoenix

Designated as two Phoenix Points of Pride, both The Mystery Castle and South Mountain Park live up to their honors. The castle is located at the foothills of South Mountain Park and is a fantastic cultural experience before you begin to explore further into South Mountain—the largest municipal park in the United States. It is an intriguing experience to engage in the history of a man who built a dream castle for his daughter with little more than scraps of debris, scatterings of rocks, and whole lot of love. Mystery Castle will enchant you! If you decide to explore South Mountain Park afterwards, it has 58 miles of trails for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. It is no mystery that this place will both educate and entertain you. The sunsets from the top of the mountain as you gaze down over the twinkling city below will leave you speechless.
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The Shopping in Phonix

Biltmore Fashion Park offers a pleasant open-air shopping experience with an ambiance of sophistication and luxury. The sprawling mall offers a wide range of high-end retailers and dining options that are sure to please. The atmosphere is carefully enriched with patches of green grass and trees that sway with the soft outdoor music as you stroll from store to store. If there is anything you need to fill any gap in your home or life, the Biltmore Fashion Park has it for you. Rest assured though, that you won’t need to replace anything that St. George Pro Movers moved for you because those items are still in the same great shape before the move.
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Tee Time - Phoenix Golf

With over 200 golf courses to choose from in the Phoenix area, not only are there a plethora to choose from, but many of them are ranked the best in the country, especially in the Valley. Winding through one section of the Valley is the Mountain Shadows Golf Course. It is filled with lush fairways and vivid botanicals that pop with color and carve through some of the most beautiful terrain with a course that will both challenge and delight you. The carefully constructed courses are enriched by the surrounding mountains that give you a sense of calm and confidence with every swing, chip or putt. Get ready for some fantastic golfing in Phoenix because you have no doubt found a crown jewel. Take it easy and take time to explore the richness of your new city while St. George Pro Movers does the tough stuff for you. Your new home awaits, schedule your appointment now!
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