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St. George Three Bedroom Homes for Sale

Why Live Anywhere Else?

St. George, Utah is becoming America’s new technology destination. According to the Consensus Bureau, St. George, Utah has been ranked 5th in metropolitan growth in the whole United States. In just under 10 years, the population has grown to 177,556-an astounding 29% increase since 2010. The projected growth for the city is estimated to be around 10,000 people a year for the next 50 years. This number is expected to climb due to St. George’s annual business growth. With much of this increase coming from technology companies relocating to St. George, such as PrinterLogic. RS Technologies is also moving to St. George, opening up a new distribution center in Industrial Park. According to Forbes Magazine, St. George has been ranked as one of the safest metropolitan areas to live in in the Western United States. St. George is also well known for its wide selection of extracurricular activities. Including golfing, kayaking, hiking, canyoneering, and boating. There is also a wide selection of museums, parks, and fine dining to choose from. St. George sits in a convenient geographic location as well. Being just under a two-hour drive to Las Vegas, and a little over a two-hour drive to the Grand Canyon.

A Home For Every Stage of Life

St. George has a fast-growing housing market. A type of home that is perfect for a small family is a three-bedroom home. They are easily adjustable to meet the needs of a growing family. They are also perfect for single people and retired folks as well. Leaving options open to make the extra bedrooms either exercise rooms, guest rooms, or home offices. Most of these houses also have plenty of space, making it an ideal option for its comfortability and agreeable prices. Low-end estimates for 3-bedroom houses in St. George start around $210,000 with high-end estimates of around $2,000,000. Many popular destinations for a move in or just outside of St. George are Washington, Bloomington, Ivans, Santa Clara, and Dammeron Valley.

Family Friendly Dixie Drive

A lot of the homes in the $210,000 to $600,000 range are located along the residential area of Dixie Drive, surrounding the Santa Clara River. This area is perfect if you are looking for a family-friendly location that has many activities nearby. This area is less than 10 minutes away from downtown St. George and Dixie University, and 5 minutes away from the Dixie Red Hills Golf course. This area also has many hiking trails, parks, and stores close by. Although these houses are priced lower than more expensive homes, the convenient location and family-orientated experience is outstanding.

Upscale Neighborhoods

If you are looking for a more upscale three-bedroom house close to breathtaking scenery, then Santa Clara and Ivins would be perfect for you. Three-bedroom homes in this area start at around $630,000 with higher estimates of around $2,000,000. Santa Clara and Ivins are communities just outside of St. George, with Snow Canyon and Red Cliffs National Conservation Area visible from your own backyard. The Ledges Golf Club and Tuacahn Center For the Arts are nearby as well. The Tuacahn Center is an amphitheater that features plays and concerts throughout the year, a perfect indoor activity for the colder, winter months. If you are looking for an area with Sante-Fe style and rambler-style charm, along with a great sense of belonging and beautiful wildlife views, then Santa Clara and Ivins will be the community for you. Top Rated. 5-Stars. Serving St. George and Southern Utah with five star professional moving and packing services.

Ready to Make a Move to St. George? We Can Help

As a nationwide moving company serving St. George, Utah, our five star reviews and multiple customer testimonials speak for themselves. We commonly work in luxury homes (though we move anyone with the budget for a professional move) and because of the need of a high caliber service, we seek out and hire high caliber people for both in the office and on actual moves. We have college graduates and collegiate athletes working for us and what you can expect from our company is a much higher level of care and service in your move.

With affordable rates and transparent pricing, you'll see why our parent company has won awards and how our new location in St. George will be on pace we hope to win the next statewide award for best moving company.

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