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We provide a variety of long distance moving services to or from St. George and Southern Utah.

A long distance move is often the move with the most risk of damage to a person's sometimes priceless items due to how many bumps a truck can take over hundreds or thousands of miles on the roadway. We will go the extra mile on your long distance move to help ensure nothing is scratched, chipped, or damaged. On moving day we go the extra mile, arriving with 1 or more 20' floor runners (floor protection) for your entry way, hardwood floors and more. As needed we can also bring carpet film for your stairs, which offers a layer of protection especially if any dollies will be used to go from one level to the next.

Doorways are known to be common areas of damage. In turn we use a door jam protector to help protect the doorway and depending on the need can even cloak your actual door with a moving blanket pulled tight and suspended in place to also prevent scratches or dings during the course of a move.

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Avoiding a "Load-Shift" on the Interstate

No matter how well a truck is packed, if the driver experiences a sudden traffic emergency resulting in hard braking to avoid collision, that can create a "load-shift" where a huge amount of pressure from the forward momentum of the load can break and crush other items packed forward of each. to help prevent this from ever occuring, we train our drivers to give plenty of space between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead so as to have time to come to a much more relaxed stop than when following too closely.

Security for Your Long Distance Move to or from St. George

Prior to departure from your origin destination we are going to put a highly secure disk lock on the back of the truck so that it cannot be opened by anyone passing by when it's parked. We also seek out well established hotels in nicer areas and then look for places to park offering visibility when possible.

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