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St. George, Utah Rambler (Rancher) Style Homes

Growing Population, Rising Economy

Where Can You Find the Nicest St. George Ramblers? Rambler Style (or Simple Rancher) Homes Are a Popular Choice in St. George For Many Reasons.

St. George, Utah has been on track to be one of America’s safest and fastest-growing cities. In fact, in 2020 the Consensus Bureau ranked St. George 5th in metropolitan population growth for the United States. From a population of 138,115 in 2010 to 177,556 in 2019-a whopping 29% increase. The projected growth of the region is estimated to be a little over 10,000 people a year for the next 50 years. This number is expected to increase with St. George’s business growth and ventures. St. George is attracting many people throughout the country for good reason. It has many recreational activities, such as golf courses, baseball, boating, kayaking, and canyoneering. It has a wide array of wildlife, such as scenic Zion National Park. St. George also sits in a great geographic location, with just under a two-hour drive to Las Vegas and a little over a two hour drive to the Grand Canyon. St. George also has a booming business economy, with many tech companies relocating into the area. Such as PrinterLogic and RS Technologies, which is building a 240,000 square footage distribution plant in the Industrial Park of St. George.

Rambler Style

St. George has many selections of homes to choose from. One popular style today is the “rambler style” home, also called “ranch-style” in certain parts of the country. These houses are typically one story, with a horizontal profile, low pitched roofs, and open floor plans. Price ranges for ramblers typically start at around $200,000, with highs of about $1,000,000. The median national average of a rambler is about $433,500. Many popular spots for moving include Washington, Bloomington, Ivans, Santa Clara, Hurricane areas, as well as Snow Canyon, and Sunset Blvd.

Mid-Century American

Many of the rambler style homes are found in downtown St. George, which offers a beautiful selection of midcentury America rambler-style home designs. These homes normally start at around $300,000. Many of these houses were built in the mid to late 1990s. Although they are a bit older than new developments, they are in a great location with timeless charm. With the downtown area offering many amenities. Including restaurants, historical landmarks, vintage gardens, parks, the city library, and much more.

Pueblo Style

If you are looking for something a bit newer, then the Kayenta developments in Ivins will be an excellent spot. Just outside of St. George, the Kayenta Community has many options for vacation homes and rentals, and custom building sites, as well as being in an excellent geographic location. With Zion National Park, Snow Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Park being within view. This 2,000 square acre community is perfect for its scenery and tranquility. These new pueblo-style and rambler-style homes usually range from about $350,000 to $2 million. If you are looking for quiet peace of mind, along with beautiful landscapes just upon the horizon, then the Keyanta developments will be perfect for you.

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