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Top 5 Reasons to Move to St. George, UT

Why Consider a Move to St. George?

St. George is a beautiful and open community of diverse people. Crime rates and costs are low, and opportunity is high. Many people are flocking to the area for the endless possibilities. So why should you move to St. George, Utah? Here are our top five reasons:

St George Cost of Living

Home costs/other expenses in St. George are extremely low compared to the national average. It is one of the cheapest places to live in the US.

Incredible Schools

Many people move to St. George for the educational opportunities. Whether you’re headed to college or want to give your kiddos a great education - this area is known for excelling academically.

There Are Plenty of Places to Explore

St George is home to not only incredible scenic trails and views, but there is also loads of recreational activities to explore. Visit Snow Canyon, a state park in the area. Visit St. George Children's Museum with your kiddos for a day of fun and exploration! The possibilities are endless.

The Weather & People

St. George is known for mild winters and sunshine through spring and summer - it is never too cold here though summers can bring the heat. Due to the wonderful weather all year round - it attracts the best people. Many state that St. George is one of the friendliest cities in the US due to all the retirees and young people moving there in search of sunshine!

The History

St. George was named after the apostle George A. Smith who convinced settlers to eat raw potatoes to cure scurvy. He was nicknamed the “Potato Saint”. St. George has over 4 museums and a vast amount of art galleries to choose from - so you can experience the historical significance firsthand.

Time to Make the Move?

Let us be the ones to get you there. At St. George Pro Movers, we are big on quality, efficiency and our customers satisfaction. That is why we give you an honest, upfront quote and any information you may need on our services. We specialize in local and cross country moving services, so if you’re out of state, no need to worry!

We are well equipped to handle any move - big or small. We have a team of highly-trained professional movers, high-quality equipment and trucks ready to assist you. We provide many services such as: packing/unpacking, box removal, furniture disassembly/reassembly, etc.

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